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Debug network issues with JConsole

This guide explains how you can check what KouChat knows about your network in case of any issues with connecting. That information can be added to bug reports.


JConsole is a useful tool that comes with the Java SE Development Kit. If you only have the Java SE Runtime Environment then you need to download the JDK first.

In Linux the binary is often added to the path, so just run jconsole from a terminal. In Windows you may have to locate the binary yourself:

jconsole.exe in Windows Explorer


Run JConsole like described above, after you have started KouChat. You should see something like this:

Connecting to KouChat in JConsole

Choose kouchat-0.9.9.jar and click Connect. Navigate here:

KouChat Network Operations in JConsole

Those buttons on the right are the available operations. Now we can check what KouChat knows about your network. On my laptop the current network is cable:

KouChat Current Network Interface in JConsole

But KouChat recognizes both cable and wireless as usable networks:

KouChat Usable Network Interfaces in JConsole

The list of all networks would have given me around 30 different virtual network interfaces that are of no interest to KouChat. That’s in Vista. The number will very a lot depending on operating system and installed software.

The information in these boxes can be copied as plain text and saved with the bug reports.