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Tips And Tricks

Become a KouChat power user with these tips & tricks :)

1. Minimize with escape

The main chat window can be minimized to the system tray by pressing escape. The private chat window can be hidden by pressing escape.

2. Learn hotkeys

Several of the most used functions have hotkeys. Look in the menus to see which.

3. Autocomplete nick names

Instead of writing ‘hello SuPeRmAn’ (if the user is called SuPeRmAn), you write ‘hello s’ and press the tab button. The rest of the nick name will be filled in. If more than one user has a nick name starting with ‘s’ then press tab multiple times to cycle through all the choices. Or write more of the nick name before pressing tab again. The autocompletion is case insensitive.

4. Drag and drop files to send

If you want to send a file to a user, just drag the file on to the user in the user list. Or if you are in a private chat, then drop the file in the private chat window.

5. Use the history

The last messages you wrote are saved in the history (only in memory). Press the up and down arrow buttons when the input text field has focus to navigate through the history.

When URLs are written in the chat, they become links. Click on a link to open the URL in your browser. Which browser to use can be changed in the settings.

7. Double click to chat private

Double click on any user in the user list to start a private chat with that user.

8. Set a custom location to store log files

Add the startup argument ‘--log-location="some path"’ to the shortcut or script that starts KouChat. Remember to use quotes if the path contains spaces, and use double backslash at the end of Windows paths.


  • Windows: javaw -jar kouchat-x.x.x.jar --log-location="C:\Users\Your Username\KouChat logs\\"
  • Linux: java -jar kouchat-x.x.x.jar --log-location="/home/username/KouChat logs/"