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KouChat v0.9.9 is out!

I released KouChat version 0.9.9 yesterday, 11 months after 0.9.8.

What happened? My plan was to release 1.0 shortly after 0.9.8, because my todo list was getting very short. I didn’t really have any big plans for the next release. So I took a break! Then I started to use Vista at work, and noticed that Vista handled networking in a very strange way which KouChat didn’t expect.

And then I got suggestions of improvements and feature requests. And I wanted to do a lot of documentation, and testing. And take more breaks! Hey, where did those months go!?

Well, here’s what you can expect in this release:

  • Hopefully better handling of the network connection
  • Smileys :)
  • A choice of which look and feel to use
  • Tweaks to the user interface, especially with the GTK+ and Nimbus look and feels
  • Improvements to notifications when a new message arrives
  • Lots of new code documentation
  • Open folder button on the file transfer dialog
  • Support for running KouChat on more advanced local networks with routers
  • Misc tweaks and fixes all over

You might also have noticed that I brushed up the web site with more screenshots and more information.

Have fun :)