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KouChat v1.1.0 is out!

I noticed something interesting today when I worked on the finishing touches of this release. It’s been exactly 3 years, on the day, since v1.0.0 was released! I did write the announcement on 11.06.2009, but it was available for download from 10.06.2009.

Anyway, what’s new in v1.1.0 then? It contains some new functionality based on feature requests, some bug fixes, and a license change from GPL to LGPL. The license change is because people have asked me about using the network features in KouChat as a library. And that’s ok with me.


  • Fix for PatternSyntaxException when parsing commands containing regex meta characters
  • If the main window is minimized to the system tray and the system tray disappears, the window is shown as minimized in the taskbar instead
  • If the system tray is missing, the minimize feature minimizes to the taskbar instead of being deactivated
  • Removed annoying error message if the system tray is missing
  • Added optional balloon notification on new messages and new private messages
  • Changed license to LGPL v3
  • Added support for logging private chats
  • Added support for the startup argument --no-private-chat to disable private chat
  • Added support for the startup argument --always-log to force logging enabled and disable the option to deactivate again
  • Added support for the startup argument --log-location to specify a custom directory to store log files
  • Increased the number of possible simultaneous KouChat instances (with private chat) and file transfers from 10 to 50

Hope you enjoy this new release! My focus is now on the Android version again.