Serverless LAN Chat

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KouChat v1.2.0 is out!

It’s release time again! Highlights in this release includes the option to choose which network interface to use, prescaled icons that looks much better than the old ones that Java scaled on the fly, simpler commands for file transfers in console mode, and several bug fixes.


  • Improved debug logging
  • Added support for user specified network interface, in the settings
  • Fix for “java.io.IOException: mark/reset not supported” when playing sound on newer versions of Java 6 (u33) and Java 7 (u5)
  • Added the 4 status icons in svg format
  • Added prescaled status icons for the system tray. 16x16px for Windows, 22x22px for KDE and 24x24px for Gnome
  • Updated kou_shortcut.ico with sizes from 16x16px to 256x256px
  • Updated kou_shortcut.png to 256x256px
  • Fixed crash when starting KouChat on systems with the clock set to unix epoch, to support devices without a clock battery
  • Fixed several Swing event dispatch thread issues
  • Changed the /cancel command from /cancel <nick> <file> to /cancel <nick> <id>
  • Changed the /receive command from /receive <nick> <file> to /receive <nick> <id>
  • Changed the /reject command from /reject <nick> <file> to /reject <nick> <id>
  • Fixed issue where file transfers were still shown in the /transfers command after a user had logged off without cancelling, rejecting or accepting the transfer
  • Fixed repaint issue with the buttons when returning from the system tray, on some configurations

Enjoy :)

(I haven’t forgotten about Android, in case you wonder :)