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KouChat for Android v1.0.2 is out!

This is a small improvement release.

The only visible change is the support for sending files from file managers and other apps that share files with the file:// protocol. All apps I have used from Google, and many others, share with the content:// protocol, which require a database lookup to find the actual file reference. Some other apps don’t, and share the actual file reference instead. With previous versions of KouChat you got a message like this:

KouChat v1.0.1

These file references should now work.

I’ve also done a lot of cleanup, and begun work on translation support. I don’t think anything has broken from the changes, but let me know if you find any issues :)

The changelog:

  • Lots of cleanups regarding singletons and statics.
  • Split code for saving and loading desktop settings out of Android.
  • Added support for sending files from file managers using the file:// protocol.
  • Started work on translation support.

Get it on Google Play, or download the apk from the downloads section.