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KouChat for Android is now in the Yandex.Store

If you don’t have access to Google Play, or don’t want to use Google Play, you can now get KouChat for Android from the Yandex.Store instead. This is an Android app store with over 100.000 apps, and growing. It’s big in the Russian market, but free for anyone to use. The Yandex.Store is also available for Jolla devices. I don’t know if KouChat works on a Jolla device, but please let me know if you try :)

I’ve already been in contact with Yandex support regarding an error I got when uploading my app to their store, and I’m impressed. They fixed it in two days. That’s impressive, compared to my experience with Google. First, Google is difficult to get in contact with. They are more like Hollywood - don’t contact us, we’ll contact you. Second, if you find a bug, prepare to wait. For years. Google really has something to learn from Yandex in this regard.

But anyway, check out KouChat in the Yandex.Store :)